Monday, August 10, 2009

Penawar HINI

Kelmarin (Sabtu) aku bawa anak ke klinik homeopathy kerana deman dan batuk. Dikhuatiri terkena H1N1. Memang keluarga aku mengamalkan perubatan homeopathy. Alhamdulillah semalam anak aku dah kebah dari demamnya. Aku mengambil kesempatan bertanyakan doktor berkenaan tentang penawar H1N1. Dia telah menjelaskan pd aku panjang lebar dan memberi satu risalah yg dikeluarkan oleh perubatan homeopathy. Berikut aku taipkan di bawah utk dibaca dan jika berminat boleh mengambil tindakan terus. Tapi aku tak taib semua, pilih2 je. Jenuhlah jari aku menaip.

Observations on Swine FLU A(H1N1) 2009

This study is based on observations made during the influenza epidemic in Mexico in 1918, as well as those noticed due to the infection with the virus of the swine flu, also called the A(H1N1) influenza virus, during the month of April dan May 2009 in Mexico City. Its object is to inform other homeopaths about the characteristic symptoms of the current epidemic and about the most indicated remedies for its homeopathic treatment and prevention.

This document is principally based on the thesis written by Dr Manual Mazari to obtain his qualification at the Escuela Libre de Homeopatia de Mexico:"Short study of the last influenza epidemic in Mexico City (1918)"' as well as reports published by the Ministry of Health, news published in the media in general and some clinical mentioned by homeopathic physicians.

The symptoms are practically the same as in the epidemic at the beginning of the 20th century. Only two new symptoms could be confirmed:fear of death, and the appearance of high fever in the beginning of the disease. The time of the year is also the same, being the spring, even if the most difficult time for influenza in 1918 was the autumn.

The traditional medical literature mentions that this virus was the causative agent of the influenza epidemics in (1918-1919), (1933-1935), (1946-1947), (1977-1978). Therefore this literature is the most reliable source we can rely on until now.

In this particular disease, as in the great majority of such diseases, early diagnosis, immediate professional attention and especially prevention and no self-medication, are basic and essential to avoid complications which can be fatal. We hope that the experience of these mexican homeopaths will benefit other homeopaths around the whole world.

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